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    Ancient Rome’s clown was a stock fool called the stupidus; the court jesters of medieval Europe were a sanctioned way for people under the feudal thumb to laugh at the guys in charge; and well.
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    No clowning around. Reports of “killer clowns” terrorizing and scaring people have been spreading across the country, and now people in more than 10 states have reported sightings.
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    Aug 13,  · We've rounded up eight stars who were voted "class clown" during their school days. Keep reading to see them all now, and then find out which big .
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    With Jorga Caye, Herbert L. Becker, Rae Sunshine Lee, Rickie Renish. Bozo The Clown entertains kids.
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    Oct 08,  · T he first person to spot a clown, the patient zero in the current epidemic of threatening clowns sightings spreading across the US, was a little boy at a low-income apartment complex in.
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    Blackface Origins in Clowning Introduction. The art of clowning has existed for thousands of years. A pygmy clown performed as a jester in the court of Pharaoh Dadkeri-Assi during Egypt’s Fifth Dynasty about B.C. Court jesters have performed in China since B.C. Throughout history most cultures have had clowns.
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    Oct 30,  · There were dozens of Bozos in different regions that were very, very popular during the era. So it was really television that helped propel the sort of default happy/good clown into the public’s Author: Becky Little.
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    Jul 10,  · What type of clown are you? There are many types of clowns, but not all of them are funny. Sometimes you can be funny, but you're more of a fool than a clown. You act stupid and take risks just for a laugh. If you were a real clown you wouldn't have to act that way.
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    Oct 12,  · As reporters were quick to note in the case of the Penn State incident, no clowns were located in the clown hunt, and no evidence was found to suggest that evil .