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  1. Mole Reply
    Remember that many colors in Russian are adjectives and change gender depending on the noun it’s describing. If the colour ends in ый (yi) it will change to an ая (aia) for a feminine word and to an ое (oe) for a neuter word.. Тhese examples illustrate how красный .
  2. Shashura Reply
    Dec 29,  · My oldest cat, Alafair, is a Russian Blue. Unlike most Russian Blues though, she is a blue pointed kitty with blue eyes instead of having the blue coat with green eyes. My father found a breeder at a cat show we went to when I was a child, and surprised me .
  3. Nesida Reply
    Learn words for Colors in Russian - Watch videos to Learn Russian and Discover new information about Russia, its people, life, history and culture. The starting place to .
  4. Samuzuru Reply
    Browse through 10 lakes in Russia. Find out all the important facts about lakes in Russia, check out maps, recreation activities, and much more.
  5. Galkree Reply
    This CD shows Dmitri Hvorostovsky's extraordinary wide range of singing abilities. Although it is Russian folk songs, the CD content is more sophisticated than what might be termed "rough country folk dances". Much of it is very melodic going from playful pieces to more somber ones/5(22).
  6. Akinozil Reply
    In other words, if the cat is any other color than blue, then is is NOT a Russian Blue, but a domestic cat, perhaps with a little Russian Blue in it. We, as members of the Cat Fanciers' Association Russian Blue Breed Council, hold fast that Russian Blues come in only one color, blue, and in only one .
  7. Maudal Reply
    Russian Blue cats are one of the most elegant and distinguished cats. This article will help you learn all about the Russian Blue cat’s personality, and help you understand this feline better. ‘Look before you leap’ is the mantra for the Russian Blue cat.
  8. Natilar Reply
    The Russian Blue comes in only one color: the classic silver-tipped blue. This fine-boned but muscular cat has large ears, emerald-green eyes, a moderately wedge-shaped head, and a thick undercoat.
  9. Malakree Reply
    Jul 20,  · Stephanie and I went backpacking to Russian Lake in the Russian Wilderness of far northern California last weekend. Stunning, and we had a lot of solitude. There are also several campsites around the lake, so even if there are other groups, it’s not too crowded. A surprising number stop at Waterdog Lake to camp. I [ ].